The last month has been absolutely insane. Well actually the last half a year has been building up to be absolutely insane, culminating in a regional unicycle competition.

I may have mentioned that I’m quite involved in the local unicycle scene and I consider it a source of pride to have helped build up a unicycling community in my country and to have been a (very loud) voice in the international scene for the Asian region. Eight years ago, as a fresh, bright-eyed grad, I had been part of a team that started the Asia-Pacific Unicycle Championships here in Singapore where we invited teams from the region to take part in it. We had a team size of something like 5 people and a total crowd of maybe 40 people to take part in a day of hockey matches. The competition has since made its rounds around Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and we’re back this year in Singapore.

It’s been an incredible jolt of excitement. We’ve had a lot of trouble dealing with various government agencies about our agenda and we’ve been rejected and ejected from so many places that we lost count. Through it all, I’ve learnt a lot about negotiations and dealing with people and I can’t be happier that our event went about smoothly and we’ve all had a ton of fun.

asia pacific unicycle competition

The event takes place every two years and this year we had close to 150 participants over 3 days of rides and unicycle hockey. Absolutely insane like I’ve said. We had people from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia and a good group from Singapore.

Here’s an action shot, for once, having me on a unicycle holding a hockey stick instead of me just posing with one!

unicycle hockey

Oh yea, I also got to design the logo since everyone thinks my job title as a ‘game designer’ means I must design things.


apuc Logo


This month, I joined a game jam, wrote a story and made a game. The theme is “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Click on the pic to get to the game. It takes about 20 minutes to get through. Feedback welcome.




Twitch and Thoughts

It’s 3 months since my last post and that wasn’t even a fresh post! How do I start here…

Ok so I’ve been super busy with

  • my full time job. We’re now in soft launch of a mobile endless runner and we’re fixing the broken bits.
  • I’m in the midst of a distance learning degree in Economics and Math and I stupidly have 3 papers to take this year.
  • Sometime in between, I’ve decided that analytics is very interesting (since I’m a math dork) and I signed up for a Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics. Which in short means evening classes thrice a week.
  • Since I’m so into analytics, I also found a course in Data Sciences which involves commiting to getting a qualification before January next year.

That’s the bulk of my time.

That said, I’ve been looking at Twitch lately and it fascinates me a lot because I still can’t believe people like watching other people play games. Most people can’t multitask and unless you’re in the same room trying to out-wedgie your partner who’s playing a game on your TV, I don’t really get what’s so fun. That however makes me interested in Twitch. It seems like A Challenge to stream games and I do have so many games on Steam that I want to finish so maybe this is good mortivation for me to do it. (btw, Mortification – a portmanteau of mortified and motivation; where you’re motivated cos you’re mortified at not being able to complete a task).

MAYBE I SHOULD. I need a webcam though…I think it’d be a worthy experiment.

Windows for Dummies

I have been running a Mac for the last 7 years and last week, I fixed up a Windows PC for the first time. I learnt a couple of things you should NOT do.

1) Don’t EVER try fixing up a PC if you don’t have a DVD-ROM drive. 

In this day and age, I had thought that optical drives were optional. After all, my Macbook Air came without one and I get most of my stuff from downloads.

WRONG. Oh my goodness, how big a pain is this. First of all, some motherboards these days come with this newfangled BIOS mode called UEFI that’s completely not like the BIOS I know. You can’t just command it to boot from USB or an external hard drive because it won’t. Or maybe it’s just Windows doing its thing. I wouldn’t know because I can’t get it to work.

I’ve tried reformatting my USB/external drive, swapping out the directories of boot manager files, force-detecting my drives as “optical” instead of USB/Hard Drive… nothing works. NOTHING.

I gave up in the end and thought ok, I’ll burn the friggin’ ISO into a DVD and then use an old DVD drive. The motherboard I have runs on SATA plugs and my drive is an old one with IDE connections. I bought a SATA adapter but apparently the ones on the market here don’t work presumably cos they run on the old SATA format while my motherboard’s on the new format. NOTHING WORKS.

What did I do in the end? Hook up my hard drive on an old PC with an optical drive and install Windows. Does it work? Yea kind of, except it now detects phantom peripherals that I can’t uninstall and every now and then tells me that Windows Update has failed.

2) Don’t EVER try to customize anything. EVER.

Some installation program needs to alter a registry file via some command line scripts. Didn’t work because I lack the proper permissions. Please could I contact an admin although I’m the ONLY person who’s registered and is using the same PC. I try correcting the permissions in Explorer but can’t because they’re all greyed out. I try setting my hard drive as ‘Active’ which is apparently the wrongest thing you can do.

Windows has grown so bloody smart it now decides what to partition your hard drive into and which can be active and also that you shouldn’t have permissions to the drive. Who does? I don’t know!

Anyway, changing permissions caused Windows to fail to boot which brings me back to the useless BIOS screen again. Repeat all the actions in Problem 1.

3) Don’t EVER try to install anything if you don’t have an internet connection.

A computer in every household my ass. If you don’t have a reliable connection to the internet, Windows will insist that your software is illegal and remind you of that with pop-ups every few minutes. If you don’t own an internet connection, you’re OBVIOUSLY too poor to own Windows, peasant.

4) Use your mouse scroll button like how you’re expected to use it! Conformity is very important to Windows users!

My scroll button is in reverse. Let me invert it, I thought naively. After looking up the Control Panel, Google tells me exactly what it takes. Simple stuff.

5) Shutting down in a hurry? You can’t because Windows decides when it wants to shut down.

Automatic updates that run by default on shutdown. I don’t even want to elaborate.

Maturity Explained.

We went to Prince Edward Island. It’s so sloooow and sleepy and pretty awesome if you’re into canoeing and mountain biking and oh yeah, Anne of Green Gables.

Anne of Green Gables