Bali Unicycling

Downhill Unicycling


A bunch of us took off to Bali one weekend and NEVER SAW A BEACH. I’ve never been to Bali before and if I never heard more about Bali, I’d really have thought that all there was there was sand, lava and a whole lot of pain.

One of the unicyclists happen to be familiar with the region and in particular, the volcanoes in the region so we got to do what we didn’t get to do in Maninjau (also in Indonesia) the year before – ride down a frickin’ volcano. It’s actually a lot of fun… in retrospect… and we’ve come to the realisation that most of the photos of our unicycling trips kind of look like this -


We’re really just scaling the peaks in our riding gear.

Anyway, ride report. Mt Bakur is NOT rideable. Well, it kind of is if you’re great at riding in sand and have inexhaustible energy. Riding downhill is insanely fun and should be a legitimate sport on its own. It feels like snowboarding with the board clenched between your thighs and sounds more kinky than it really is.

The town rides was fun. There’s a lot of unsealed roads in the area which makes for great fun even if you can’t move the next morning. Unicycling’s always a great icebreaker and at every pitstop, we’d be chatting with the locals who aren’t used to seeing a motley crew all missing a wheel.

Unlike the Maninjau trip, I’m happy that I didn’t come down with some mystery illness although some others did and I have to admit that I was exceptionally wary of food and I took time to build up my intake amounts. The last year at Maninjau, I came down with severe diarrhoea and a 40 degree fever for a week on my return, most probably due to food poisoning and dehydration. At some point, I couldn’t get out of bed because the world would white out.

One day, I’ll come back to Bali and maybe FINALLY be relaxing on a hammock at some sandy beach, perhaps with an overpriced beer and a whole flock of tourists around taking selfies.




One Very Wet Ride

Very Wet Unicycle Ride

This is 30 minutes into the sudden storm.


Immature Jokes for Mature Adults

I miss the show. And Chicken Boo.


I wanted to elaborate a bit on the #100HappyDays challenge.

There’s been an increasing negativity in Singapore with regards to standard of living. We’re currently the most expensive city in the world to live in which is terrible because wages aren’t increasing…at least not for locals. As a nation, we’ve always had some sort of foreign envy, perhaps due to our colonial past but I feel too that it’s due to a lack of self-confidence.  As a country, our best assets are our people because we have no natural resources and at only 49 years into our independence, I think we’ve come a long way.

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Happiness Day 1

I’ve been meaning to do the 100 Happy Days challenge so today’s as good as any other day to start!

For Day 1, I’d like to declare that I’m happy to be a unicyclist.

Giraffe Unicycle

I’ve met a lot of people who unicycle and I think the main trait that all of us share is that we’ve probably got a streak of masochism and OCD going on. I don’t know if I like cycling that much but I like unicycling because it’s very technical (we’re also very geeky people). There’s no ready mechanic you can consult and if anything goes wrong, you’re forced to learn to maintain your own vehicle and to seek help from others. I absolutely love having to read about gear/wheel size ratios and pushing my limits for speed and endurance. On a bike, the world blazes by but on a uni, even at your fastest, you’re slow enough to be able to take in the sights of the surroundings.

I think unicycling is a good philosophy for life. There’s plenty of things that seem impossible but you’ll just have to be patient and persevere and you’ll get results. If you can learn something as impossible as what unicycling seems, how can anything else be tougher? There will be people who’d point and laugh and mutter about how silly and stupid your endeavor is but ultimately, it’s about humility. If you set out to do something, why bother what anyone else thinks? It’s about broadening your mind and realising that there’s a lot more to life than just settling for the constants and the norms. I think that’s what I really like about unicycling and I’m happy to have sought out and helped build a community that loves the sport as much as I do.


(Edit: I’ll be adding the rest of #100happydays on Twitter because it’s easier to get photos in!)