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The Story Preceding That Story About Diarrhea Everyone Has

Shit happens. Before that though, let’s talk about happier times. Some friends and I made plans to explore Lake Maninjau, a crater lake in Sumatra, in Indonesia, by unicycle. It’s one of my favorite trips to date – I get to whine about physical exercise to friends who can relate; there’s great scenery and we […]

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The Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station circa 2011

Despite being in plain sight in a well-populated area, surprisingly few people knew that we had a functional railway station. Specifically, one that brought us to Malaysia. I must have passed by this building a million times but have always thought that it was some government building due to its atas colonial exterior. It might […]

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Urban Exploration in Cheungchau, Hongkong

Don’t get me wrong. Cheung Chau is a beautiful place, off the beaten track from the hustle and bustle of business Hong Kong. For about US$4-5, you’ll take an ~ hour ferry ride from the Central ferry terminal to a totally different side of Hong Kong. If you enjoy urban exploration, you’re in luck. My […]

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South Korea Had Dinosaurs but Nobody is Impressed

On my first visit to South Korea, transport options across the country were not great. You’d have to fumble around getting to a bus terminal in Dongseoul which no one could tell you was still kind of Seoul but not really. Google Maps was still a new concept so you couldn’t just navigate yourself around. […]

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D*** Pics at Haesingdang Park, South Korea

Your typical K-dramas usually feature some picturesque parks. Equally-spaced trees would arch over paths , sheltering some doe-eyed, well-powdered lovers from the sun because God knows love’s greatest enemy is prematurely ageing skin. Everyone needs a visit to a Korean park/forest in their travel itinerary. So I went to Haesingdang Park. Because you would obviously […]