Hablo Español Un Poco PERO ENTIENDO (mas o menos)

There are some things you’ll never forget in life including, say that ‘Eureka’ moment when you first realised you can understand Language. I remember the exact moment I realised I can understand some Spanish. It was when, walking down the streets of Valencia, I was mistaken as a Thai prostitute. The first time you’re mistaken as a prostitute is also one of those moments in life you’ll never forget and that wasn’t the first time, just saying.

ANYWAY, for those of you not in the know, I’ve been meaning to learn Spanish since I was 13. Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a ok now where was I?

Right, I never got to learning Spanish but I’ve picked up words from here and there so I do understand simple words and also how to order from a menu – I’m a polyglot when it comes to menus. This time though, I intend to learn proper grammar so I’ve brought along a book to travel with. For me, the Latin American pronunciation is way easier to follow but everyone speaks so fast. In my 2 days here, I think I actually understand more of what’s going on around me. For instance, I totally understood when

  • The lift attendant told me that the building is old so sometimes the lift doesn’t work. Like now (hahaha) so maybe we should call for help.
  • A guy in the lift chats with me about my unicycle and says that he has a giraffe and juggles (something like that).
  • This conversation happened:
    • Hawker: Ni hao!
    • Me: *smile and walk*
    • Hawker: Konnichiwa
    • Me: *smile and walk*
    • Hawker: Sawadeeka?
    • Me: *smile and walk*
    • Hawker: Uh que pais?
    • Me: Singapore.
    • Hawker: Oh. *silence probably cos wtf is Singapore???*
  • Because the stars align, I walk into some random circus in the outskirts of Santiago so of course I’d happen to have my unicycle. And I understood more or less what they’re saying but I don’t really know how to say anything.

So I left 🙁


The circus didn’t have a unicycle apparently. Of course i’d save the day.

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