Making Things

I Made a Tiny Brick Oven

I’ve been watching a lot of videos with minature food and since we were in the middle of lockdown with nowhere to go, I made a tiny brick oven from scratch.

Making bricks

What I wanted to do was to cast a base for the bricks to be stacked on. I didn’t have a good enough cast so I ended up with a very uneven base. At this scale, I also learnt that it was really tough to work with cement which is why my bricks look like that. If I were to do it again I think I’ll get a pipette for the job instead of using a combination of fingers, pen knife and ice cream sticks.

I was feeling really proud of the result until I realised I missed out a chimney so it would actually be functional. Genius.

I had initially wanted to get a pizza going in it but decided it was a bit too ambitious so I settled on a tiny loaf of bread as a pioneer project. I also made the very bad decision of gathering twigs and leaves to start a fire with which is both messy and not sustainable.

Anyway, final result, enjoy!