The Balkans – Macedonia

If you’ve entered Macedonia (FYROM) by way of Albania, you’re likely to pass through Naum Monastery. Since I took a taxi all the way through, I had to make a detour from Ohrid the next day.

PEACOCKS GALORE. Because I’m dumb enough to not realise that peacocks are the national birds, what with one being on their currency and all, I was naturally really excited to see them birds in the wild. Their movement and structure makes me wonder if dinosaurs were built similarly since it doesn’t really make sense for them to be moving optimally with bulky muscular tails like in their artistic impressions.

There’s so many peacocks in the vicinity, there’s even an albino couple which looked gloriously majestic.

Lake Ohrid

Despite the lack of photos, I really liked the vibe of Macedonia. I spent a day in Bitola right after Ohrid but since most of the landmarks aren’t open for tourism (again, off-season), I might have been better off just lounging around in Ohrid.

When I arrived in Skopje, it felt like a completely different world. The city is filled with massive statues of Macedonian heroes and large chunks of buildings in very wide open spaces. For about 1 Euro, you can sip on a really good coffee for eternity while watching the sun set in the old town.

Getting around is relatively hassle-free, mostly because there’s really only this many places tourists will venture to. I got on a bus to Matka canyon on one of the days. It’s well-worth a day spent trekking except there was an impending thunderstorm and I had to backtrack midway through.