Theme Song for My South American Experience

So, all through Argentina and Chile, this is what I’ve been hearing and watching people get very excited over (apart from songs about Maradona). I’ve never managed to figure out the title until… I’M HERE IN BULGARIA.

It’s been quite random here in the Balkans.

The other day, I asked for directions to a bus station and the following happened-

Guy: Parlez francais?

Me: Uh… un peu….?


Me: Et vous?

Guy: Non. Hehehe

No, I don’t quite understand either.

Today, I got on a bus with a couple of Spanish people and it seems the driver speaks Spanish but not a lot of English which is fine because all I needed was time and directions. The other day on the bus from Skopje, I spent half of the 5h ride listening to Enrique Iglesias. I now have enough pickup lines for Spanish-speaking college girls.

Anyway back to the song. So I got back to my hostel and surprise, they’re playing the song that’s been played so often through my South American hiatus it’s in my head for the last half a year. It seems to be the go-to song when drinking and when partying.

I do like the album though and I hope you do too.