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Urban Exploration in Cheungchau, Hongkong

Don’t get me wrong. Cheung Chau is a beautiful place, off the beaten track from the hustle and bustle of business Hong Kong. For about US$4-5, you’ll take an ~ hour ferry ride from the Central ferry terminal to a totally different side of Hong Kong. If you enjoy urban exploration, you’re in luck.

My excuse was for an adventure to a relatively safe but less-explored part of Hong Kong. Cheung Chau Island was perfect. No one really goes there except for a Bun Festival that was decidedly a bit too far off in the calendar. I’d never make it far in a career in bun snatching anyway!

I’ve been to Tung Chau and Lantau but Cheung Chau has a little more to offer for… wanderers. There are options for a bike or rickshaw rental but I mostly wandered around with a unicycle if that’s of much use. That should be in every urban exploration kit.

Generally, the first thing you’ll notice is that the island does smell of fish, salted fish. There are a lot of locals hanging out their fish to salt and dry. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, at least for me because I quite like fish and this smells familiarly of markets and such from my childhood.

Specimen of fish out of water

I’m unsure how populous the island is since there are sufficient people around. As I headed deeper into the village, there seemed to be segments of plainly abandoned housing. These places don’t look like they were hastily abandoned since they looked in the midst of being torn down. I guess that makes them decidedly less creepy.

Still, I did wander into a bunch that had old grafitti and some furniture. I think the best part of this might be that these ruins are right in the path of the regular roads. They’re very accessible and are along pedestrian paths so you’re unlikely to find trouble if you wander into those places.

I’m kind of reminded of the environments of The Last of Us or, if you don’t game, any post-apocalyptic scenarios. Quite a good place for some reference images.