This month, I joined a game jam, wrote a story and made a game. The theme is “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Click on the pic to get to the game. It takes about 20 minutes to get through. Feedback welcome.




Twitch and Thoughts

It’s 3 months since my last post and that wasn’t even a fresh post! How do I start here…

Ok so I’ve been super busy with

  • my full time job. We’re now in soft launch of a mobile endless runner and we’re fixing the broken bits.
  • I’m in the midst of a distance learning degree in Economics and Math and I stupidly have 3 papers to take this year.
  • Sometime in between, I’ve decided that analytics is very interesting (since I’m a math dork) and I signed up for a Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics. Which in short means evening classes thrice a week.
  • Since I’m so into analytics, I also found a course in Data Sciences which involves commiting to getting a qualification before January next year.

That’s the bulk of my time.

That said, I’ve been looking at Twitch lately and it fascinates me a lot because I still can’t believe people like watching other people play games. Most people can’t multitask and unless you’re in the same room trying to out-wedgie your partner who’s playing a game on your TV, I don’t really get what’s so fun. That however makes me interested in Twitch. It seems like A Challenge to stream games and I do have so many games on Steam that I want to finish so maybe this is good mortivation for me to do it. (btw, Mortification – a portmanteau of mortified and motivation; where you’re motivated cos you’re mortified at not being able to complete a task).

MAYBE I SHOULD. I need a webcam though…I think it’d be a worthy experiment.